Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Was Ernest Hemingway Transgender?

There is clear evidence that Ernest Hemingway was some shade of transgender.

The American author and Nobel prize winner Ernest Hemingway has been seen as the epitome of hyper-masculinity, with his stories about matadors, hunting and war. 

Indeed, he did play the role of the manly man, also in his private and public lives, although it turns out that he and some of his female friends explored another side of sex and gender.

His male assigned child came out as a transgender woman, but few know that Ernest himself might have been equally transgender. 

His unfinished novel, The Garden of Eden, represents a brave exploration of his own gender variance and his own crossdreaming.

More about Ernest Hemingway's transgender side over at CDL.

UPDATE: Here's a new article on Ernest Hemingway's transgender nature.

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