Friday, February 2, 2024

New Spanish language web site on transgender issues

Amilka González, a trans woman from Venezuela and Crossdreamers blogger Jack Molay from Norway are collaborating on a new web site for Spanish language content covering everything LGBTQ+. The motivation stems from the lack of good, critical, content on the mechanisms and tactics of contemporary transphobic activism in the Spanish language.

The site will publish original content, as well as translation of articles written in other languages.

Visit Mundo LGBTIQ here!

Sunday, December 31, 2023

Dr. Jekyll and Sister Hyde

Over at CDL Terrie Nova has made a comment on the Hammer horror movie Dr. Jekyll and Sister Hyde from 1971, where Dr. Jekyll, when drinking female hormones, is turned into a sexy woman.

Hammer movies are not very realistic, to say the least, yet it is interesting to see how a glass of female hormones can turn a man into a woman in 30 seconds, long hair and perfect make-up included. 

15 Gender-Bending Movies Everyone Should See

Friday, November 3, 2023

Is acephobia/aphobia, the fear of aromantic and asexual people, a real thing?

There is an interesting discussion about the fear and persecution of asexual and aromantic people over at Crossdream Life.

Aromantic pride flag.
HyperLayne writes:

"If crime is motivated by confused, disgusted, violent aggressive desire to "fix" or "straighten up" a person, I'd say it is a hate crime...

It is based in beliefs, that you should not have autonomy to change your social role, cannot break out from the traditionalist life script. It's a part of rigid thinking, that says you shouldn't have premarital sex, shouldn't have sex with members of the same sex, cannot change your gender role, but you have to be sinful, you have to feel shame, you have to need a priest, you have to want sex beyond wanting to have kids, you have to want to get married and you have to make babies and have to struggle with your marriage and must want to commit infidelity, and you likely will and they'll you ask forgiveness and you and your spouse will have to make sacrifices for the sake of marriage and kids, and your love will only get stronger for it... " 

Thursday, June 1, 2023

There is More Than Just One Trans Narrative

"Am I trans enough?" "Am I really transgender?" "Is it only a fetish?" Even if the LGBTQA culture has become increasingly supportive of variance, both as regards sexuality and gender identity, the old "woman trapped in a man's body narrative" remains strong. 

For some that narrative makes perfect sense. For others it does not, or – at least – it feels only partly true.

Over at Crossdream Life, Lost has gathered and presented a selection of life stories that tells us that there is more than just one transgender narrative.

If you are one of those questioning your gender identity or you have close ones who do, you might find much of interest here.

Image: Midjourney AI

Monday, May 1, 2023

Selected gender discussions from Crossdream Life

Crossdream Life is a discussion forum for all kinds of gender variance, from cis people who break gender boundaries on the one hand to trans women and trans men on the other.

There is a lot of content over there, and it is not always easy to track down good discussions you have not read. This is why we have gathered a few discussion threads that may be of help to you right now.

A Transgender Typology and Unification Theory

Koloa has presented a very interesting alternative approach to talk about trangender identities and lives that avoid the kind of pathologization we find in many other models.

Are we just protecting cis people and the binary again?

A discussion about the gender binary, gender identity and gender expression.

Monday, February 20, 2023

Surveys debunks the "autogynephilia" theory


The Crossdreamer blog presents several extensive online surveys that proves beyond any doubt that the "autogynephilia" theory of Ray Blanchard is wrong. They have been carried out by bloggers and activists.

Not that you need these surveys to draw that conclusion. Peer reviewed science says the same. Still, some more nails in the coffin might be helpful.

What these surveys show is that erotic embodiment and crossgender fantasies  are found in all relevant sections of the population.

Read "Blanchard debunked: Surveys show that all kinds of people experience "autogynephilia""

A safe place for discussing gender variance!

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