Thursday, April 25, 2024

Good Transgender News

The current news cycle is depressing for anyone who cares for trans people and gender variance. 

Crossdream Life has set up an antidote: A thread containing nothing but positive news of transgenender and nonbinary relevance. It has already gotten quite a few readers.

It is also important that the loudest voices in the media or in the social web are nor necessarily representative of the population as a whole. It is complicated, but in most democratic countries the majority of people continue to be supportive of transgender folk.

Go to the Good Transgender News thread here!

Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Can trans and gender variant people use AI tools to explore and express their own identities?

Crossdreamers and transgender people  people have used a wide variety of tools to explore and express their gender variance throughout the ages, including crossdressing and cosplay, stories, drawings, games, "TG captions" and more. 

Over at CDL Anna Fields pointed out that modern artificial intelligence and AI tools may also be used for this purpose.  In that thread Paridae presents some of these tools, like 

  • AI-generated virtual reality avatars.
  • AI for creating the textures for the faces and handling the texture mapping part. 
  • Apps for face swaps and feminization or masculinization of photos.
  • Voice generators and more.

You can read more about this (and talk about your own experiences with gender variance and AI) here.

Image from a video by the Trans Academy.

Friday, March 8, 2024

Incels, transcels and transmaxxing and what this is it all about


Transmaxxing is a term from incel culture and it refers to the way som male-identifying incels decide to transition and live as women, as they think living is a woman is easier than living as a man. They also think that this will improve their love life and give them access to sex.

The underlying incel world view is that the incels are failed men who cannot live up to the masculine ideals of society and who therefore never will be happy or accepted as who they are. Nor will they be able to attract women. The term incel means "involuntary celibate".

Members of the incel community are often love-shy and introverted male assigned people who have a personality or a life experience that make them feel excluded from dating and courtship. This makes them extremely lonely and  it is probably the despair that follows from the idea of never being able to have a good relationship with a woman that brings them to the incel community. In the incel community their deepest fears are confirmed, and they take comfort in the fact that they are not alone.

Friday, February 2, 2024

New Spanish language web site on transgender issues

Amilka González, a trans woman from Venezuela and Crossdreamers blogger Jack Molay from Norway are collaborating on a new web site for Spanish language content covering everything LGBTQ+. The motivation stems from the lack of good, critical, content on the mechanisms and tactics of contemporary transphobic activism in the Spanish language.

The site will publish original content, as well as translation of articles written in other languages.

Visit Mundo LGBTIQ here!

Sunday, December 31, 2023

Dr. Jekyll and Sister Hyde

Over at CDL Terrie Nova has made a comment on the Hammer horror movie Dr. Jekyll and Sister Hyde from 1971, where Dr. Jekyll, when drinking female hormones, is turned into a sexy woman.

Hammer movies are not very realistic, to say the least, yet it is interesting to see how a glass of female hormones can turn a man into a woman in 30 seconds, long hair and perfect make-up included. 

15 Gender-Bending Movies Everyone Should See

Friday, November 3, 2023

Is acephobia/aphobia, the fear of aromantic and asexual people, a real thing?

There is an interesting discussion about the fear and persecution of asexual and aromantic people over at Crossdream Life.

Aromantic pride flag.
HyperLayne writes:

"If crime is motivated by confused, disgusted, violent aggressive desire to "fix" or "straighten up" a person, I'd say it is a hate crime...

It is based in beliefs, that you should not have autonomy to change your social role, cannot break out from the traditionalist life script. It's a part of rigid thinking, that says you shouldn't have premarital sex, shouldn't have sex with members of the same sex, cannot change your gender role, but you have to be sinful, you have to feel shame, you have to need a priest, you have to want sex beyond wanting to have kids, you have to want to get married and you have to make babies and have to struggle with your marriage and must want to commit infidelity, and you likely will and they'll you ask forgiveness and you and your spouse will have to make sacrifices for the sake of marriage and kids, and your love will only get stronger for it... " 

A safe place for discussing gender variance!

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