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Sunday, July 12, 2020

A Transgender Typology and Unification Theory

Koloa has presented an interesting model of transgender expressions over at CDL. Adaptability and Risk tolerance may well explain most of the differences in trans expression that we see, they say.

Read about A Transgender Typology and Unification Theory here.

See also: A New Way of Understanding The Diversity of Transgender Lives

Photo of transgender woman: Johnny Greig.

Thursday, January 9, 2020

Can gender be reduced to biological sex?

There has been an intense discussion over at Crossdream Life on whether it even makes sense to make the argument "gender is the same as the biological sex". The discussion started with a reference to J. K. Rowling's support of a British trans-exclusionary radical feminist (TERF).

The discussion has also led to two blog post, one on Rowling and TERFs and one on the gender is biological sex argument.

Thursday, December 12, 2019

"Japanese Cartoon Porn Helped Me Understand My Trans Identity"

A link to an article about how Japanese hentai comics may lead to trans awareness, has led to a very interesting and informative discussion on the Japanese approach to transgender identities and explicit erotica, including a discussion on the nature of "futanari" or women or intersex people with penises.

Carah writes:
Futanari is a word used for hermaphroditism and the intersex condition. It literally mean to be two kinds. Long ago smugglers used to capitalize on the fact that they could get away with smuggling if they dressed up like women. Eventually this lead to body searches and bang - you have the word more widely used. Lots of stories, art, etc began to emerge out of the joke the government guards thought of this. 
In Japan, most trans activists consider it offensive. Instead the word used most often nyūhāfu, (new half) and while it’s offensive, it helps separate the destructive transphobic manga culture from ourselves. It’s equivalent to Shemale. In the sex industry the term and implies you do sex work. In the general population it means cross-dressing man or trans woman. Most Japanese people use the term in reference to transgender people. The better newer term is: toransujendā. Both of these terms are borrowed words.
More here!

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Is gender nothing more than a performance?

Over at Crossdream Life, ElleShock asks:

"One of the phrases I often hear is that gender is a “performance”; which is to a certain extent true. The expression of their-self is a performance through fashion, body language, and speech. However in the context of a trans person to whom these aspects of performance do not easily become expressed; I wonder how can one truly feel authentic in regards to gender identity?"

Follow the discussion on gender performance here!

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