Tuesday, November 10, 2020

To transition or not transition, is that the question?

 Over at Novagirl Felix Conrad reflects on the way crossdreamers (and by implication a lot of transgender and nonbinary people) get stuck in the dilemma: Should they transition or should they not transition?

After many weeks away, I visited the crossdreamer forum and was reminded why it’s the best community for transgender people like me.

I was reminded by a member who expressed the realisation which all intelligent crossdreamers come to: that crossdreaming and late-onset transsexualism leads to an impossible paradox…
  • It is impossible that transition will solve my gender dysphoria.
  • It is impossible to stop wanting to transition.
Which really translates into the riddle in its purest form…
  • You must not transition.
  • You must transition.
This unsolvable riddle is a classic dilemma of reason versus passion.

A safe place for discussing gender variance!

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