Monday, November 16, 2020

Being Transgender is a process that is being resolved in the psyche.

 Robben Wendy writes over at Crossdream Life:

"We may or may not be genetically Transgender, but I believe we can all say our transitions start at birth. It is influenced by social interaction and learning, and is an expression of cognitive development that is mental, physical and spiritual. 

"I feel the worst thing someone can try to do is to correct the behavior. Being Transgender is a process that is being resolved in the psyche. It is a process in which association to gender is non binary, and our cognitive development establishes preferences, that are non binary...

"For me letting go of a whole social milieu whereby everyone had to think how others wanted them to think, only began my liberation. From what I could perceive as my cross dressing. To become a Transgender woman who is not only seen but heard, to be the complete person of my own doing. Like a thought process that chains and wraps around our whole lives, we are Transgender because it makes sense, it relates to our sensibilities, and helps us to express our feelings and emotions. 

"Gender variance is an intelligence. It a way of seeing that without it we will have nobody and live alone. It is a truth behind anima and animus, that gender variance helps us to see the world we live in inclusively, so that we are not bidden by guilt and shame which keeps us hiding in depression."

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