Friday, August 18, 2017

Here is Crossdreamer Magic!

Barbara writes over at Crossdream Life:

"It’s a common motif, when I see beautiful woman on the streets, in store, or on picture, then something warm, soft and powerful arises. Sometimes it’s described as “I want to be her!”.

Isn’t it?

Isn’t it the desire to possess female body? To be her?
No, it’s more complex, because having right type of body alone will do only a little.

If I had an offer, would I like to have a female body, but all my feelings will be exactly the same as before, it would be like a mockery. This little thought experiment says a lot to me. Inhabiting unsuitable body is like a splinter – most of the times I can ignore it, sometimes ache reminds me of the splinter, sometimes it’s painful. On the opposite side, there is sense of rightness, of joy.

Crossdreaming are about emotions, warm, powerful, eudaemonic emotions. Sometimes, in precious moments, they are like I’m touching … a higher power.

It’s not unlike listening to favorite music, when it gives this lovely deep warm feeling. Wait, it’s gone too far, I do not want to become music in literal sense ;) There is a resonance, something in my mind is tuned to flying guitar riffs. Here sparks magic."

More here!

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