Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Transgender: Creating an online persona for your other side

Over at reddit/crossdreaming magikateball asks: " Anyone else indulge their other side by creating alternate online identities in their gender of choice?"

"A few years ago when I started trying to explore my feminine side I decided to create a separate online persona to indulge my fem side.

I created a new Google account, as well as any other online site, except FB, with no ties or connections to the male persona. I created an alternate, fem name for myself (Kate). I identify on these sites as "female".

It's really revealing in many ways. Create a new YouTube account as "female" and the default feed is very different from the default male feed. I get ads for cosmetics and hair products. Even the news on Google news is skewed from the "male" variant. More articles about women's rights issues, more stories about female celebrities, etc."

Discussion here.

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