Monday, April 3, 2017

Crossdressing, cause and effect.

Here is a clever question from the Crossdream Life archives:

Natacha asked:  "I wonder what is the direction of causality in crossdressing?

1. The  "cultural" explanation

One way to look at it could be:
I have an inner femininity -> Culture says that femininity is expressed by women  -> To express myself outwardly as feminine you need to dress in female clothing  -> I want to dress up in "female" clothing

In this case, the desire to crossdress is a projection of femininity on femaleness. You could say it is a cultural construct. Crossdressing (in my case) is primarily a question of expressing myself in a particular way.

2. The "innate" explanation

Another way to look at it could be:

I have an inner femaleness  -> Somehow, female clothing is innately connected to experiencing femaleness  -> To experience my femaleness I must dress up in female clothing

In this case. wearing female clothing is directly linked to experiencing some degree of femaleness.

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