Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Hugging the Inner Woman

Here is a new blog from an Indian crossdreamer.

Jade writes:

"I have found that suppressing these fantasies does not work. I have tried it multiple times. I would be successful for a while, but after that the fantasies would re emerge with wild power.

Then I started reflecting about a different alternative of somehow integrating my feminine fantasies into my day to day life in a healthy way, without falling to any addictive habits. I happen to read an article which gave more fuel to this thought. To me, it was all instinctive. I felt that there is a way to integrate femininity into my male life in a healthy way. I started treating my "inner woman" as a symbolic representation of a few things that I was ignoring in my life. My feminine feelings are trying to tell me a message that I was ignoring till today."

A safe place for discussing gender variance!

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