Sunday, March 29, 2015

The Transcend Movement, New Blog for Crossdreamers

There is a new blog for crossdreamers and "femiphiliacs" called the Transcend Movement.

Felix Conrad writes:
"If you’re wondering about the name of the site it came from the desire to transcend gender and transsexualism and femephilia and move forward with life. I got sick of spending my whole life steeped in debates about being transgender and worrying about it, fantasising about it, dreaming it, living it… I just wanted to understand what it meant, incorporate it in my being, and start a new life. We allow it to dominate the narrative of our lives; but it’s better to engage in an extended period of reflection, decide what it means to you that you are transgender, how you are going to change your life and behaviour because of it, and then go live an awesome life."
Felix Conrad distinguishes between crossdreaming and "femephilia" He gives the following explanation for why he believes two terms are needed:

"While most crossdreamers indulge in femephiliac sexual behaviour, their cross gender psychology is more profound and rooted in the personality. In other words, the sexual aspect is only one of a number of cross gender traits. A crossdreamer has a complex – and often rich – relationship with the other gender which is tied up with his entire sense of self. Telling him that it is just about sex is like telling a man the only reason he is with his wife is for sexual motives.

This is in contrast to men who engage in femephiliac behaviour and the second they reach climax their cross gender experience is over. They have no gender issues or desire to cross gender in any context other than a sexual one (furthermore, they may be embarrassed about their sexual tastes). For the crossdreamer however, sex is only a part of their cross gender experience."
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