Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Can trans and gender variant people use AI tools to explore and express their own identities?

Crossdreamers and transgender people  people have used a wide variety of tools to explore and express their gender variance throughout the ages, including crossdressing and cosplay, stories, drawings, games, "TG captions" and more. 

Over at CDL Anna Fields pointed out that modern artificial intelligence and AI tools may also be used for this purpose.  In that thread Paridae presents some of these tools, like 

  • AI-generated virtual reality avatars.
  • AI for creating the textures for the faces and handling the texture mapping part. 
  • Apps for face swaps and feminization or masculinization of photos.
  • Voice generators and more.

You can read more about this (and talk about your own experiences with gender variance and AI) here.

Image from a video by the Trans Academy.

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