Friday, November 3, 2023

Is acephobia/aphobia, the fear of aromantic and asexual people, a real thing?

There is an interesting discussion about the fear and persecution of asexual and aromantic people over at Crossdream Life.

Aromantic pride flag.
HyperLayne writes:

"If crime is motivated by confused, disgusted, violent aggressive desire to "fix" or "straighten up" a person, I'd say it is a hate crime...

It is based in beliefs, that you should not have autonomy to change your social role, cannot break out from the traditionalist life script. It's a part of rigid thinking, that says you shouldn't have premarital sex, shouldn't have sex with members of the same sex, cannot change your gender role, but you have to be sinful, you have to feel shame, you have to need a priest, you have to want sex beyond wanting to have kids, you have to want to get married and you have to make babies and have to struggle with your marriage and must want to commit infidelity, and you likely will and they'll you ask forgiveness and you and your spouse will have to make sacrifices for the sake of marriage and kids, and your love will only get stronger for it... " 

And you absolutely can't have love in a polyromantic partnership, that's perverted and complicated and indecent", "you only can be happy a nuclear family", which was invented barely a century ago, it's a tradition, you know. "You can't be happy weird cat lady, only a pitiable one." "The gay marriage is doomed and children will suffer."

It's a script. Most people don't spell it explicitly, with maybe exception of highly traditionalist societies, but even they might have strong taboos, they only imply and don't talk about. People don't follow parts of scripts like that equally, but others in their immediate community might, it might change from culture to culture, but some of the parts of it are shared widely across different culture.

Queer people poke holes in various parts of these scripts, they show cracks in rigid beliefs, that people have to tell themselves, when they start to feel, they were wrong for following them. They hate that they were promised "normal life" and "normal happiness" if they follow the conventions of normality. They hate when they are reminded that their sacrifices might've been in vain or completely unnecessary. That there is no guaranteed happiness."

A safe place for discussing gender variance!

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