Friday, May 13, 2022

Women who love to feminize their husbands

Fiona Dobson tells the story about wives who love to feminize their husbands over at Medium. This means that feminization fantasies is not restricted to the man exploring gender expressions, but their partner too. This will probably also apply to transmasculine people and their spouses, whether they are male or female.

Alice tells Fiona about the role playing of her and her husband:
I let him dress at home, and at night I usually insist he wears a little pink night dress. In the three years I’ve been telling him to do it, I think he’s only worn his pyjamas twice and that was when we were staying with his brother in Des Moines. You don’t really think of many people crossdressing in Des Moines.
Fiona is apparently planning a series of interviews like this one.

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