Monday, April 30, 2018

"On Bottoms, Tops, Anxiety, Therapy and a Better Understanding of Myself"

An old thread over at Crossdream Life has been brought back to life.

It all started with Koloa talking about their social anxiety disorder, saying, for instance, that:

"One thing that emerged from the gentler parts of my personality and the unfulfilled need was a bottom sexual instinct. This is something which is virtually impossible to do anything about in adolescence for a straight guy.  Perhaps if I where under different influences or if I had better luck with women in high school, it might have emerged with a different response to the "bottom" feeling.  But things being what they where, with my focus, attraction to, and admiration of women, combined by their rejection of me, lead me to the very basic embodiment fantasy that emerged when I was 19. Basically women had all the sexual power and I felt that --wanted that-- in a visceral way."

More here.

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