Tuesday, September 26, 2017

"The whole depersonalization and gender dysphoria thingy"

Earlier this year Zinnia Jones published a post over at Gender Analysis on depersonalization in gender dysphoria, where she argued that some trans people  feel detached from themselves when forced to live the life of their assigned gender:
  • A sense of detachment or estrangement from your own thoughts, feelings, or body: “I know I have feelings but I don’t feel them”
  • Feeling split into two parts, with one going through the motions of participating in the world and one observing quietly: “There is this body that walks around and somebody else just watches”
  • Experiencing the world as distant, dreamlike, foggy, lifeless, colorless, artificial, like a picture with no depth, or less than real
  • Being absorbed in yourself and experiencing a compulsive self-scrutiny or extreme rumination
  • Lacking a sense of agency – feeling flat, robotic, dead, or like a “zombie”

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