Saturday, May 13, 2017

How shame and stigmatization stop crossdreamers and trans people from exploring their identities

Xora makes a very interesting argument regarding self-acceptance among crossdreamers and trans people in a debate over at CDL:

"I mean, if a part of you, for whatever reason, religion, parenting, or simple embarrassment, fundamentally rejects the very idea that you might be trans, or it just wasn't even a concept that you were even aware of, I can see that as the basis for your carefully constructing your self-identity omitting that one vital piece of information, until one day the nagging cognitive dissonance you experience with your body and in every social interaction grows too great, and you reach a point where you can no longer ignore it, which might well take until you are 30ish, and that is what presents as so-called 'late onset', at least to the clinicians.

"Then you go back and try to reconstruct a narrative of your existence and experiences including that piece of information you had previously omitted, and find that it all makes so much more sense to you what was actually going on at the time, but you then get accused by the clinicians and the separatists of engaging in rationalisation in the opposite direction. Instead of coming up with true information to support your new-found and sincerely believed 'born this way' case, you are accused of spinning a false and flawed self-narrative to support your late developing but overpowering sexual perversion."

A safe place for discussing gender variance!

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