Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The similarities between the historical attacks on homosexuals and the current persecution of transgender people

In a debate over at Crossdream Life several point to the similarities between the earlier attacks on homosexual people and the recent bathroom law debacle.

Both lines of attack seem to contain the same elements:
  • Homosexuality and trans identities are signs of character flaws which can be overcome.
  • Homosexuality and trans identities can therefore be "healed" using "conversion therapy".
  • Homosexual and transgender people are trying to seduce others (especially women and children) to their wicked ways.
  • Homosexual and transgender people are sexual perverts.
  • Homosexuals and transgender people must be disciplined through social exclusion (banned from occupations and bathrooms).
Given that most reasonable people these days know that none of this is true for gay and lesbian people, you should think they would hesitate before using the exact same arguments against trans people. But then again, phobias of this kind are not logical. They are driven by an irrational fear of that which does not adhere to the social conformity of a particular community, and now they want to force everyone to follow their rules.

Read more about this over at Crossdream Life.

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