Tuesday, March 28, 2017

The Identity-Defense Model for Transgender Experiences

"How did I not know about this until now?" Skyler asks over at Crossdream Life:

"I had read Jack's blog about [Dr. Jaimie Veale's] research before but did not notice her concept of Identity-Defense. Essentially, the idea is that how one ends up expressing their gender is a combination of one's gender identity tempered or modified by the application (or not) of defense mechanisms.

An individual may or may not attempt to employ defense mechanisms based on their environment and personality; and even if they do attempt to employ them, they may have varying levels of success, again based on things like personality.

Individuals who employ defense mechanisms do so to avoid facing their own gender variance and therefore tend to face them later in life than individuals who do not employ defense mechanisms.

Veale also presents a model to explain how these two different strategies correlate to sexual orientation. In fact, an interesting part of her model is that how the individual deals with their gender variance influences their sexual orientation rather than the other way around."

A safe place for discussing gender variance!

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