Friday, March 31, 2017

On Russian hypermasculinity and transphobia

Transphobia and attacks on gender variance is often driven by caricature ideals of masculinity and misogyny. We see this in the extreme right in Europe and the US and we see the in the forces that powers Russian totalitarianism.

Over at Crossdream Life Barbara has presented a translation of Russian blogger Irina Zhabitskaya's post on Russian hypermasculinity.

"Be a man, endure pain, play football, make a slingshot, fight, defend your point of view, watch movies about war and about cops, get as gift a pneumatic gun, drive a bike, carry a penknife, break your knees, climb up a tree, throw a punch in the someone's teeth, go to the judo section, go to college, make a career, cut grease with a father's knife, drink vodka, get drunk, eat red-beat soup, serve in the military, go to the gym, get a post, get bonuses, get the best woman, make her know her place, become a father, a top manager, raise a son, grow a hairy belly, buy a big brutal jeep, buy an apartment, put up an iron door, put everyone in their place, establish discipline between subordinates, build a country house, buy a traumatic gun, bear the responsibility, deserve the approval of father, hate the weak, hate renegades, you are the man... Why all this is needed, no one understands, but to live with this inferiority complex all his life, and then impose it on his son is a norm for Russia.

Playing the violin is girly, do not know how to fight -- faggot, you love to dress up -- not a man, studying linguistics -- woman, long hair -- gay, calm and not corporative job -- lazy ass, reading poetry -- not a man, old or inexpensive car -- weakling, do not drink -- not a buddy, have no cigarettes -- not respecting buddies, smoking cigarettes with menthol -- fag, drinking liquors -- woman, didn't serve in military -- not a man, not top manager -- a wimp, not married -- poof, have no kids -- pauper, you smell good -- fag, no apartment -- a loser, kind to women -- a wimp, no beer belly -- not a man, clean hands -- poof, be a man!! Do not be a woman!! And if not, God forbid, you are not a son, no more, and not a friend or brother!"

Read it all here.

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