Monday, April 30, 2012

How My Journey in Autogynephila Began

Jingles has made a new blog on crossdreaming ("autogynephilia") called  How My Journey in Autogynephila Began.

The first blog post is the tragic tale of gender stereotypes and dogmatic repression:

"I grew up thinking that society preferred girls over boys, because girls were pretty, smart, and more virtuous. When I was five years old my mother made a dress for a cousin my age. My mother would have me try it on as she checked the hem, and fit. I thought that was great. I felt as sense of fulfillment. Unfortunately my father put a quick end to my early modeling career. My mother was told to stop this. My world was divided into two genders, and I had to stay in my place. I was just a boy. In my world that was a handicap, and I had to learn how to cope with it. For the next few years I would make the best of being a boy."

As my own reader's will know, I am not convinced that crossdreaming is caused by upbringing or personal trauma. Jingles makse a good case, though.

A safe place for discussing gender variance!

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