Thursday, July 22, 2010

Literature and sites on autogynephilia

Autogynephilia was a term coined by Ray Blanchard, a scientist living and working in Toronto in Canada.

He found that many of the transgender clients on his clinic were women-loving (gynephilic) men who dreamed about having a woman's body.

These dreams were often accompanied with erotic arousal. He therefore drew the conclusion that it was a misdirected sexual impulse that drove them towards transitioning. They had internalized their natural love object, women out there.

I find the concept useful, as it describes people like me -- men who have feminization fantasies, but who do not crossdress -- as well as most crossdressers.

The more I have read about autogynephilia and the more I hear from other like me, the more I realize that his explanation for all of this is wrong. The feminization fantasies are symptoms of something deeper.

I have made a huge list of links to blogs, sites, discussion forums, articles and books that cover autogynephilia (which I now call crossdreaming), which should help you find more information on the subject.

If you are new to the topic, you may want to take a look at my introductory blog posts about autogynephilia over at may main blog: Crossdreamers.

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