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Monday, June 12, 2017

Ariadne asks crossdreamers about the autogynephilia theory

From Greek mythology: Ariadne by John Peter Russel

Over at CDL Ariadne, a member of Colour Youth, a youth LGBT activist group located in Athens,  asks crossdreamers and gender variant people some interesting questions about the autogynephilia theory and crossdreaming.

Among the questions asked:
  • When did you first hear about autogynaephilia?
  • Do you recall what were your initial feelings and thoughts on the theory?
  • What is your current opinion on autogynaephilia?
  • (For trans individuals) Has autogynaephilia ever been used to invalidate your transgenderism?
  • Do you consider yourself a crossdreamer? If so, what is it that you believe makes the label appropriate to describe yourself?
  • What were the earliest memories of crossdreaming you have had?
And members of the forum have provided some answers here (as can you, if relevant).

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