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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Join the Crossdream Life Chat Room

Join the members of Crossdream Life in a new chat room gathering on Saturday October 14 at 9 pm (21:00) in London, 11 pm (23:00) in Moscow ,4 pm in New York and 1 pm in San Fransisco.

For your local time,  click here.

We can talk about crossdreaming, sex and gender, gender identity and gender exploration, life, the universe... This is a safe space where you can talk about everything that is on your mind.

The Crossdream Life Chat Room is hosted by Discord. If you haven't already signed up, you will find the necessary information here.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

"The whole depersonalization and gender dysphoria thingy"

Earlier this year Zinnia Jones published a post over at Gender Analysis on depersonalization in gender dysphoria, where she argued that some trans people  feel detached from themselves when forced to live the life of their assigned gender:
  • A sense of detachment or estrangement from your own thoughts, feelings, or body: “I know I have feelings but I don’t feel them”
  • Feeling split into two parts, with one going through the motions of participating in the world and one observing quietly: “There is this body that walks around and somebody else just watches”
  • Experiencing the world as distant, dreamlike, foggy, lifeless, colorless, artificial, like a picture with no depth, or less than real
  • Being absorbed in yourself and experiencing a compulsive self-scrutiny or extreme rumination
  • Lacking a sense of agency – feeling flat, robotic, dead, or like a “zombie”

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Crossdream Life Member Hospitalised and Drugged for Being Transgender

This summer a member of the Crossdream Life forum was committed to a mental hospital in Portugal, allegedly for psychosis, but everything points in the direction that it was done to suppress a transgender/nonbinary identity.

Members of CDL has been collaborating with a local LGBTI organisation, helping her. gives you an overview of what has been happening. 

Friday, September 22, 2017

Crossdreamers as a coven of witches

"i think we are like a coven of witches. 
the power of witches is quintessentially feminine. it is elusive, to the hard-headed a ridiculous conceit. to be a witch you need strong faith in your inner feelings and convictions, defying not only regular culture but also regular beliefs, regular methodology. witches are hyper-sensitive, creative, aware of their own otherness. witches know all about darkness and melancholy but also deep joy. witches dance with their spirits.

the masculine world cannot comprehend witchcraft. witches work best in an all-female space."

Monday, August 28, 2017

Female fashion and the perfect woman

"The perfect woman"  in any age is a variation on a profoundly deep archetype. These pictures (many more on the forum) shows how broad that variation is. What are the common traits through tiome? What do they signify? Can this help grasp what it means to be a woman?

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