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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Crossdreaming as a tool for exploring the future

All those fantasies expressed in day dreams and stories and movies and captions may be understood as scenarios about different futures. They may not seem realistic, that's so, but they still represents some kind of future fantasy.

"I find an ancient artifact in the jungle. I touch it. My body changes. I have to live the rest of my life as a woman."

Transformation stories open the door to another future where the crossdreamer is allowed to live out the dream of being and expressing their target gender.

Researchers are learning a lot right now about our dreams of the future, or "prospection":

What best distinguishes our species is an ability that scientists are just beginning to appreciate: We contemplate the future. Our singular foresight created civilization and sustains society. [...] The power of prospection is what makes us wise. Looking into the future, consciously and unconsciously, is a central function of our large brain, as psychologists and neuroscientists have discovered — rather belatedly, because for the past century most researchers have assumed that we’re prisoners of the past and the present.

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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Night of the Gender Bending Zombie Crab

"Alien" is nothing compared to this horror story told by Lost over at CDL:

"This demonic denizen of the deep are a type of Barnacle that hunt down and turns [the crabs] into zombies!  They attach to a crab at its joint and then works its way through the shell.  Once inside, they extend their foul tenicles through out the crabs body and completely take over the crabs digestive, reproductive and neuro systems.  From here is sucks all the nutrients it needs from gut of the crab while preventing from growing or leaving its shell.  This causes the crab to no longer be able to grow or regenerate lost claws."

If this the crab is male the Sacculina barnacle  will feminize the crab, making it take on the appearance of a female crab.

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Monday, May 22, 2017

Am I really trans?

Most crossdreamers and gender variant people have periods of their lives when they ask: "Am I really trans?" What they mean is normally: "Am I transsexual? Am I really my target gender?"

Olivia puts it this way over at CDL:

"So tackling this issue of am I trans? Does it matter if I am? If I am should I transition? Will I regret it? What if I do? Will I lose everything? Does that matter? What am I so afraid of? Maybe I am just crazy? Is being trans why I get so depressed, and have panic attacks. Is it why I am so self destructive? Am I just gay? If I am why aren't I attracted to gay guys? Is it because I was abused... because my mother hated me? Maybe I am an addict because my parents and siblings are addicts, and not because I am trans? How can I know? Why don't I know!!?"

Friday, May 19, 2017

Does the Intensity of Your Crossdreaming Come and Go? Do You Know Why?

The desire to be your target gender may vary over time, as Lost explains:

"There are cycles and mini cycles. Throughout a normal day I will get small ups and down, and there are bigger and more extreme waves that take place over months. I would go months content with my own occasional fantasies, to suddenly feeling compelled to seek out every single TG type of material I can possibly find."

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

When Japan Had a Third Gender

Samurai kiss (Wikimedia) Young kabuki actors who played female roles were known as onnagata or kagema and doubled as sex workers.

Based on an fascinating article from the New York Times about gender variance in Japan before the Westernization, Crossdream Life members have been discussing different ways of approaching gender identity.

Again we see how our concepts of sexual orientation and gender identity are not obvious or given, and that they may vary from culture to culture and from epoch to epoch.

That does not necessarily mean that gender identities are "socially constructed", but it does mean that gender variation is filtered through the language and mores of the local culture.

The CDL discussion also includes a report with photos from the Third Gender exhibition of The Japan Society by Jen.

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